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Paul Newman frustrated glue sniffers

September 30, 2008

Since Paul Newman’s death, there has been the typical tribute to him. I saw him an interview where he was asked how he and his wife stayed married for so long. Check out his answer, typical Newman:

“I guess in the end there were more things holding us together than pulling us apart.”

 I love this answer because it reveals nothing and basically protects his marital privacy. The answer itself reveals one of Newman’s qualities that helped hold the marraige together.

There is a whole industry out there that jumps on failed celebrity marraiges. Whatever glue is holding them together, as soon as it starts to melt a little bit, the glue sniffers pick it up and hope for a complete meltdown. Everyone can get a cheap high as they sniff the melted glue that once held the couple together.

Newman didn’t even imply in his answer that staying together with his wife was a good thing, or a bad thing – just a thing. Anyone sniffing around would have to use their imagination about something that Newman ensured remained none of their business.

Glue sniffers don’t just seek out celebrities. Look out for them. You can recognize them by the ease with which they are titillated by news of other’s misfortune. These glue sniffers also put off a lot of heat,  mostly out their ass, and the  melting effects of  it do not discriminate .


Gruesome details of crisis described 8 years ago

September 30, 2008

I found this excellent article in the comment section of the ‘economists viewpoint’ blog.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

An economist’s viewpoint

September 30, 2008

My wife sent me a link responding to some of my assertions in my last post. My wife is also an economist by the way.

Here it is:





      My response:

I read the article. Thanks. Maybe you can help me out here Reena. I don’t understand this from the article:

“Beyond that, the mere existence of “subprime” loans — i.e., mortgages given to less-creditworthy individuals at higher interest rates — isn’t the problem here. The problems have to do with what was done with the loans after they were packaged, sold and used to make leveraged plays.”

So people being unable to pay their mortgages “…isn’t the problem here.” Really? It surely has something to so with “the problem”. At the very least, it is the beginning of ‘the problem’. Weren’t the ‘meanie banks’ who packaged and sold these loans just trying to minimize their risk and avoid the fall out of these loans not being paid back? Does that make them ‘greedy’? I need help understanding this.

This article also somehow implies that Republicans are blaming minorities for this problem. That seems like a stretch.


September 29, 2008

I have a couple of links on my blogroll that are political. One is conservative and the other is liberal

 I like to avail myself of both viewpoints.  

I am not on the fence for this election. I back John McCain. But I am not a social conservative by any means. So obviously many of his stands on social issues bother me. If we weren’t in a war and in the midst of an economic crisis, I might rethink my vote. But I think he would be a better president than Obama. He did propose legislation 3 years ago that may have prevented at least in part the economic crisis we are in now. In contrast,  try googling Obama’s relationship with Fannie Mae. McCain was for the invasion of Iraq, but so was almost everybody else. What made Obama so sure invading Iraq was a bad idea? Was it sound analysis? Is his ‘no’ vote  proof that he has good judgement when it comes to foreign policy?  McCain simply refuses to second guess his vote to invade Iraq when to do so would be pointless and just hurt the morale of our military. The only thing that I would disagree more with in retrospect than the invasion of Iraq is leaving prematurely.  Two wrongs, if it was indeed wrong to invade, don’t make a right.  In fact, if  Bush had listened to McCain and committed the resources the military initially needed  to prevent Iraq from descending into chaos, things would have gone much differently and we all might feel differently about it.

A knee in the groin

September 29, 2008

Josie jumped up while facing me on my lap and kneed me in the groin. I didn’t think it was that bad at the time but was feeling it last night. I must be bruised down there. Ouch.

Like most American males, I’ve taken my share of shots down there, but I must be getting fragile in my 40’s, because I’ve never had the lingering sort of pain I have today.

OR – I have an extraordinary powerful piledriving toddler.

Taking medicine more seriously

September 28, 2008

Being a psychotherapist, I work with a lot of people who are taking medicine. It is amazing to me how cavalier people are about their medicine and recommendations from physicians about their medicines. One of the problems is that people don’t really know how to evaluate risk. They often don’t know how their MD’s evaluate risk before making recommendations. Patients tend to go on feelings when making medicine decisions rather than ask their MD pointed questions, and offer their MD ALL relevant information. A friend of mine referred me to a website that has a nice interactive graphic illustration that explains risk evaluation as well as how to work together better with your MD.

Go to

Click on ‘responsibility’ at the top margin. Then on the left margin click on ‘medicine safety’. The click on ‘medicine safety education’. The click on ‘Understanding Risk’.

I recommend it highly. It think it will help you better understand your MD, and ask the right questions when you don’t.

My favorite question to ask physicians is this:

“How will I know if the medicine is NOT working?”

 I like it because it usually prompts your physician cover his/her bases more thoroughly by discussing both the symptoms of the illness being treated as well as potential side effects from the medicine. It is unconventional too so it kind of puts them on their toes.

What does it mean to be religious?

September 27, 2008

 I have some thoughts on this that may differ from what you might expect. I think that a person is religious if they strive to be worthy of something bigger and more complete than they are. I don’t think it requires belief in God, though if you study religious history, you’ll find that religious minded people were constantly warned of aiming too low, that is, missing out on an even better ‘something’ than they orginally thought. It was something that was included in everything, yet greater than everything. It unified everything. One. Whole (as in Holy). The Holy of Holies. 

The ancient lingo is a turn off for some, a turn on for others. But being religious is not a function of being turned on or not. It is about becoming worthy, which means you have to accept that your current state is not fully adequate yet for this ‘something’ that you’ve chosen, and/or chosen you.

Our 6 month anniversary with Josie

September 27, 2008


 Hard to believe, but it has been 6 months since we first got Josie. She is 22 months old, so we’ve had her for more than a quarter of her life. She has changed our lives a lot. Her Mom did a great job recapping the last 6 months in her last post   at  . Highly recommended. Music too.

Faith or fixation

September 26, 2008

I saw a sign in front of a church today that said, “Faith is focusing on God and not your problems.”

I think I know what the writer is TRYING to say, which is not to worry so much and trust God. 

But not to focus at all on your problems and just trust in God is just idiotic.

The two types of focus are not mutually exlusive.

Consider these sayings,

“Trust in God, but keep your powder dry.” This hails from Mexico and the powder is gunpowder.

An Arabic one, “Trust in God but keep your camel tied.”

Of course, I could make up some of my own:

A woman getting hit in in a bar, “Trust in God but keep his hand off your thigh.”

On your way out the door, “Trust in God but don’t forget to say goodbye.”

On Thanksgiving, “Trust in God and remember to have some pumpkin pie.”

Changing a diaper, “Trust in God but clean up the stinky pie.”

Feel free to keep this rolling in the comment section.

Even nakeder

September 26, 2008

I put the word ‘naked’ in a post title and I get almost double the views I usually get.

What up people!?

Let’s see what this post title gets me.

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