The Commanding Self

There exist other traditions that have delved into understanding this ‘vulnerable brain’ as described by Fine. One such tradition has occurred among the Sufis, who seemed to be referring to something similar which they dub ‘The Commanding Self’. Idries Shah writes:

                ” The Sufis refer to the action of the mixture of primitive emotionality and irrevelant associations which bedevil outside would-be observers as that of the Commanding Self…The Sufis have always taught:’Examine your assumptions; avoid mechanicality; distinguish faith from fixation’.”

 You can find books by Idries Shah and lots of other interesting books at  (Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge)

‘It’ has also been referred to as the False Self, the Secondary Self, and Ego, not to be confused with Freud’s conceptualization of ego.

I am not trying to adopt any of these traditions.  I am looking this through the lens of western science.  I just think it is worth noting that this is not a new endeavor, and one that many in history have found worth pursuing.


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