Jamaican Boot Camp….mon

My wife enrolled in this class at the YMCA called ‘Boot Camp’.  Her instructor is this Jamaican track athlete with some impressive credentials. Apparently he was on the Jamaican olympic team and ran the 400 meters. Reena says he looks the part.  

Anyways, he sounds like the biggest softie. My wife acts like she doesn’t understand his accent and does extra reps and distance just to get a good workout. One lady came to the first class and never came back. Apparently she was pretty frustrated and told him of her dissatisfaction. He later mentioned to my wife that the lady was mean to him.

I think there is a disconnect going on here – cultural or otherwise. Boot camp dude!  These people are asking for a kick in the ass. They are paying for it. They are the kind of people, my wife nonwithstanding, who will manipulate you into going easy on them.  Why else would you need boot camp to get into an excercise regimen?

This is like “bizarro world” boot camp.


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