“Dad, teach me to be sarcastic”

At least 3 maybe 4  years ago my daughter G asked me to teach her how to be sarcastic. I had no sarcastic comeback for that request. I told her it actually wasn’t always nice to be sarcastic, and even when she heard me and other adults be sarcastic, it didn’t mean it was a good thing. But she really insisted. How bad could it be if everyone laughed? I think she was frustrated because she didn’t get the humor. So since I couldn’ t really teach her, and didn’t really want to anyways, she started taking stabs at being sarcastic. She’d make some benign comment about the cat and then ask, “was that sarcastic?!” I’d reply,”No honey.” She gave up after awhile, but one day about a year ago she did indeed use sarcasm. I told her that she had been sarcastic, and it was her first time. She was thrilled. Not in the least bit smug about it, as sarcastic people like me are prone to be.

Currently, G really hasn’t developed a sarcastic side to herself. I am glad about that. So in my last post, which was dripping with sarcasm in its conclusion of  “whatever” to express my ambivalence about her growing up enough to want to go to a dance –  that was all me.

I am sure you needed me to clarify that.


2 Responses to ““Dad, teach me to be sarcastic””

  1. Becky Says:

    Wow, I never knew this blog existed. It has been very informative and entertaining for me. Thanks, Wim


  2. diddly Says:

    The blog is pretty new. I am definitely winging it, and it has already morphed a bit.


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