Naked ladies or the smell of my own sweat?

FIne writes about researchers who asked three groups of men to ride an exercise bike. They were then given the task of watching an erotic film and reporting their level of sexaul arousal. The first group watched and rated their film long after they had recoveredm the exercise. Their brains didn’t have any problem because there were only two socks to match: the arousal from looking at naked women and thoughts about naked women. The second group viewed the film right after exercising . Their brains weren’t fooled either. They easily matched the extra arousal with the exercise, and arousal from the naked women with the thoughts about the naked women. But the last group saw the film a little while after the cycling. By this time, although the men were still physically aroused from the cycling,  they weren’t aware of it. They had, as it were, lost a sock. This meant that they tidily paired up the arousal from the film and the arousal from the exercise bike with their thoughts from  the film . As a result, they rated themselves as significantly more excited by the film than did the other two groups of men. Their emotional brains misled them about how erotic they had found the film. ”

Maybe Brittany Spears just took a ride on a motorcycle with that guy she married and divorced in a day. He probably did his research, and knew she would find him erotic if he proposed ‘a little while’ after the exciting bike ride. We can laugh at Brittany, but who can honestly say they’ve never been  completely baffled about why they once found someone attractive.

Oh the perils of “waiting a little while”! Better to act immediately on your gut instinct,  or wait a long while and properly reflect.


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