Faith or fixation

I saw a sign in front of a church today that said, “Faith is focusing on God and not your problems.”

I think I know what the writer is TRYING to say, which is not to worry so much and trust God. 

But not to focus at all on your problems and just trust in God is just idiotic.

The two types of focus are not mutually exlusive.

Consider these sayings,

“Trust in God, but keep your powder dry.” This hails from Mexico and the powder is gunpowder.

An Arabic one, “Trust in God but keep your camel tied.”

Of course, I could make up some of my own:

A woman getting hit in in a bar, “Trust in God but keep his hand off your thigh.”

On your way out the door, “Trust in God but don’t forget to say goodbye.”

On Thanksgiving, “Trust in God and remember to have some pumpkin pie.”

Changing a diaper, “Trust in God but clean up the stinky pie.”

Feel free to keep this rolling in the comment section.


2 Responses to “Faith or fixation”

  1. Becky Says:

    Trust in God and keep putting Nate on the potty until he makes a poopy

    Trust in God and stop worrying about an election you cannot control

    Trust in God but listen to other’s opinions

    Do you realize your three original phrases all rhyme? That was probably on purpose, right?


  2. diddly Says:

    Let me help you out:

    Trust in God and let John McCain debate even though he doesn’t want to try.

    Trust in God and listen to other people’s opinions even though they lie.

    Trust in God and put Nate on the potty until he makes a stinky pie.

    Yes they rhyme, don’t ask me why.


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