Taking medicine more seriously

Being a psychotherapist, I work with a lot of people who are taking medicine. It is amazing to me how cavalier people are about their medicine and recommendations from physicians about their medicines. One of the problems is that people don’t really know how to evaluate risk. They often don’t know how their MD’s evaluate risk before making recommendations. Patients tend to go on feelings when making medicine decisions rather than ask their MD pointed questions, and offer their MD ALL relevant information. A friend of mine referred me to a website that has a nice interactive graphic illustration that explains risk evaluation as well as how to work together better with your MD.

Go to


Click on ‘responsibility’ at the top margin. Then on the left margin click on ‘medicine safety’. The click on ‘medicine safety education’. The click on ‘Understanding Risk’.

I recommend it highly. It think it will help you better understand your MD, and ask the right questions when you don’t.

My favorite question to ask physicians is this:

“How will I know if the medicine is NOT working?”

 I like it because it usually prompts your physician cover his/her bases more thoroughly by discussing both the symptoms of the illness being treated as well as potential side effects from the medicine. It is unconventional too so it kind of puts them on their toes.


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