Paul Newman frustrated glue sniffers

Since Paul Newman’s death, there has been the typical tribute to him. I saw him an interview where he was asked how he and his wife stayed married for so long. Check out his answer, typical Newman:

“I guess in the end there were more things holding us together than pulling us apart.”

 I love this answer because it reveals nothing and basically protects his marital privacy. The answer itself reveals one of Newman’s qualities that helped hold the marraige together.

There is a whole industry out there that jumps on failed celebrity marraiges. Whatever glue is holding them together, as soon as it starts to melt a little bit, the glue sniffers pick it up and hope for a complete meltdown. Everyone can get a cheap high as they sniff the melted glue that once held the couple together.

Newman didn’t even imply in his answer that staying together with his wife was a good thing, or a bad thing – just a thing. Anyone sniffing around would have to use their imagination about something that Newman ensured remained none of their business.

Glue sniffers don’t just seek out celebrities. Look out for them. You can recognize them by the ease with which they are titillated by news of other’s misfortune. These glue sniffers also put off a lot of heat,  mostly out their ass, and the  melting effects of  it do not discriminate .


One Response to “Paul Newman frustrated glue sniffers”

  1. JVHCP Says:

    AMEN to your “glue” post! Paul was a class act and not bad to look at either.


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