McCain and Obama : long-term and short term perpectives

Below is a quote from this article:

“From a tax policy perspective, the approaches of the two candidates are vastly different. Senator Obama emphasizes who gets what, and Senator McCain focuses on economic growth and broadly reshaping how the tax system affects household and business decisions. To put it differently, one focuses on redistribution and the other focuses on improving economic incentives. Also, focusing on who gets what is, by its very nature, more near-term, while promoting economic growth is more long-term.

One cannot get a good picture of what the candidates are trying to achieve by considering only the individual tax or the business tax provisions. One needs to apply a more holistic approach and consider the full set of proposals. Senator Obama provides tax relief directly to individuals, without major changes in how the tax system interacts with or affects individual and business decision making. Senator McCain provides broad tax relief and channels most of it to businesses, with the notion that the best way to help workers is to encourage investment and ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in the global marketplace. The policies present very different choices: redistribution versus economic growth, and short run versus long term.”

So if you vote for Obama, economically,  you will  likely get short term relief. McCain will want people to tough it out for long term benefit. It isn’t hard to understand why Obama is leading in the polls.

Think of what Obama is proposing for foreign policy – withdraw from Iraq in less than 2 years. Once again, short term relief that Americans are craving. McCain wants us to perservere because he thinks it will be better in the long run.

What is the old saying?   “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


2 Responses to “McCain and Obama : long-term and short term perpectives”

  1. Becky Says:

    I don’t think most educated Americans think we’ll be able to just ‘cut loose’ from the Iraq war. I don’t think Obama believes that either. I think the idea is that it has and will take too many young American lives to ensure a longterm ‘stable’ Iraq. We need to stay involved in some way obviously since were in this mess and there’s no easy way to wash our hands of it. How long can we spend the enormous amounts of money it takes to run this war? We are in the middle of an economic crisis. Our troops have already been asked to go back for their 4th and 5th tours of duty. These soldiers and their families suffer terribly from the permanent physical and psychological damage that is done to them.
    As far as Iraq goes, when will it EVER be stable? The parties at odds have been fighting for a long time and I don’t think our presence there for 10 years or 50 years will ever really change that. This is the cradle of humanity here. We are relative infants in comparison to their culture. How is it that we will ever fix their centuries old problems? Its not our job! It is our job to leave the place in a responsible fashion and ensure that we continue to support it’s government and military infrastructure. So what that we look like a**holes, it’s too late to fix that! Staying there for decades isn’t going to change what happened or change the world’s view of it. Even if we did stay there for decades, I’m sure as soon as we did finally leave things would go to pot. I feel like we’re Britian circa the late 1700’s. We’re not the boss of everyone!
    Part of what makes me less nervous about Obama is his willingness to listen to others and surround himself with those that will challenge his views. He knows that he doesn’t neccessarily have all the answers but at the same time also stands up for what he believes. He is calm, not easily thrown off his game or ‘riled up’.
    McCain seems respond to crisis in a ‘knee jerk’ kind of way. He appears to be a very bitter, sarcastic, angry, and stubborn old man. Hmmm, maybe he’s depressed.
    He is very reactive and too worried about ‘winning’. Speaking in such over simplified terms insults the American public. The only thing we will ‘win’ is some control over a whole boatload of oil that lies within that country. We need to stop depending on a resource that is so dirty and dangerous to obtain from those who have the most access to it. This country has some serious wounds to tend to including a HUGE national debt. We need to stop the bleeding. From what I understand we are borrowing significant amounts of money from China. That doesn’t seem very smart. Oh, you know what else is not very smart? Picking Palin for a VP. Though a good political move at the time it was not well thought out by him. She has clearly done well as Alaska’s governor and is a smart (in her own way) woman. She is good at talking out of her butt when she’s rehearsed it. She has no clue about national or world matters and would be dangerous if she ever had to be the president. She’s like one of those moms I run into in my office who thinks she’s smarter than she actually is. Sca-ry! Can you imagine if we had somebody LESS qualified than George Bush running this country? It makes me nauseaus.
    McCain is not the man he was 8 years ago. Something has changed.
    I am far from being any kind of expert in any of this stuff but I think between my brain tells me and my gut feels I would be crazy to not vote Obama.


  2. diddly Says:

    I understand that Obama is proposing being out of Iraq in less than 2 years. He wants to walk away from the ugly expensive mess he sees as Bush’s war. McCain is leaving it open depending on facts on the ground, based on how much uglier things could get if we get out too soon.

    So McCain is playing it safer, I think, because an unstable Iraq could destabilize the region and then we’d HAVE to go back and the cost would be even higher in humanitarian and economic terms.

    It is the lesser of 2 evils. Obama is too optimistic, in my view.


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