A little more scratching, a little more sniffing

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Once again, the New York Times misses the story, parroting the false claims of the Obama Campaign about the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. Some months ago the Times reported without comment the Campaign’s lie that the first time Obama met Ayers was in late 1995 at a “meet and greet” held at Ayers’ home for Obama when Obama launched his campaign for the state senate. 

In a story to appear in tomorrow’s paper they, finally, implicitly acknowledge they had it wrong: that Ayers and Obama met many months earlier at least, when the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) was first formed. But once again they report, without any logical basis, that Ayers had nothing to do with the elevation of Obama to the CAC board.
In fact, an exchange of letters in late 1994, copies of which I obtained from Brown University and links to which are provided below, between Vartan Gregorian, then President of Brown and the individual responsible for assessing applications for grants from the national Annenberg Challenge, and Bill Ayers, the founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, demonstrates that Ayers played a direct role in “composing” the Challenge’s board of directors. 

2 Responses to “A little more scratching, a little more sniffing”

  1. Becky Says:

    The following link may have some enlightening information. Ayers was involved in violent activity in the 60’s that is not to be condoned or forgotten, BUT…Obama’s relationship with him was clearly due to their shared interest in education reform, not to mention their interaction ocuured almost 3 decades after those horrible events. I love how the press and the republicans throw around the word ‘terrorist’ so as to conjure up wild eyed islamic extremists in the minds of the general public. In most of the articles I read they never actually explained what the heck happened back when he was involved with the Weather Underground. That way people can come to their own conclusions about what they did and why they did it. I know this kind of dirt throwing goes both ways and all is fair when you are running for president. It just irritates me and distracts from the real issues we ought to be worrying about. If someone wants to come up with some hard evidence or even a college paper that reflects Obama’s secret extreme beliefs, then I will gladly take notice.
    The following quote is from Doug Rossinow of the Chicago Star Tribune:

    I wrote a book about the “new left” radical movement of the 1960s, a story in whose closing scenes Ayers’ group the Weather Underground played a violent and destructive role. I’ve always tried to say as little as possible about the “Weatherpeople,” since there were only a few hundred of them — amid a radical movement that numbered in the six figures — and since they’ve always gotten more attention than they deserved.

    The Weatherpeople were clowns who played with fire. They hoped that if they looked tough enough, a revolutionary legion from the Third World might overwhelm America and greet them as comrades. Their specialties were property damage and profanity. The emptiness of their insurrectionary slogans eventually became a line of defense: They gave warnings of when their bombs would explode; the only people they killed in that era were three of their own number.

    Ayers and other Weatherveterans may have become wholesome, productive citizens since returning to polite society. If they want to support a decent, supremely realistic man like Barack Obama, then good for them. Just as Obama says, he was a kid when Ayers was doing stupid things.


    Hopefully this entry does not have any embarrasing typos like the last I submitted.


  2. diddly Says:


    As far as I know, Ayers is unrepentant for his terrorist activity, meaning he was unrepentant throughout the time that Obama has had a relationship with him.

    It WAS terrorist activity. Don’t whitewash it because it was from the radical 60’s and early 70’s. They were not just clowns. They had an agenda and they wanted to blow things up and scare people to get what they wanted. People died. People they brainwashed, just like Islamic extremists.

    Try to put yourself in Obama’s shoes. If you knew someone had such a history and was unrepentant, would you develop a relationship with them? It wouldn’t matter if you were 8 years old when they did it. It is a character concern. Coupled with Obama’s lack of experience, as good as his ideas may sound, and they sound too good to be true to me, it ought to give anyone pause.


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