Bullying Prevention Awareness Week

The following is written by Izzy Kalman. His website is www.bullies2buddies.com .


Outside of my immediate family, few people have any inkling of how much time and effort I have put into trying to make society aware of the folly of trying to get rid of bullies, and that there is a much more simple and effective method for dealing with bullying. It has been almost ten years since the  Columbine shooting, the event that gave impetus to the anti-bully movement as well as to my own efforts to bring a saner solution to the problem. After almost ten years of intensive crusading by anti-bully activists in our country, bullying has become an even greater problem. Nevertheless, the anti-bully movement grows in power.

What I discovered is that the media doesn’t want to know about a solution. They love to highlight the problem. The media thrives on drama, and few things are more dramatic than the horrors of demonic bully children preying on their victims. Like everyone else, the media love to hate bullies, and they don’t really want the problem to go away. If it did, they would have to find another bloodcurdling topic to write about.

Meanwhile, there are bullying experts out there spreading fear and hatred of bullies, and the bullying problem is escalating thanks to their efforts. In a few short months, we will be commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Columbine massacre, and it is about time that society woke up to the fact that the war against bullies is not only failing but making the problem worse.

For years people have been telling me, “You have to be on Oprah!” “You have to be on Dr. Phil!” Well, I agree. But it is incredibly difficult to make it happen by myself. The chance of any individual getting the attention of media giants is one in a million. However, if you truly want my message to become popular, I believe you can make it happen very easily. I’ll tell you how.

Oct. 5 – 11 is Bullying Prevention Awareness Week. The media will be looking to present news about bullying. Unfortunately, what no one is acknowledging is that, ironically, bullying prevention awareness efforts, rather than preventing bullying, result in more bullying. Let the media know a better way to deal with bullying exists. Write a short letter–a few sentences is enough–to the media leaders telling them why they should look into my work. Over eight hundred of you took the time to fill out my survey and give me your comments. Imagine producers and editors receiving hundreds of emails from respectable people–mental health professionals, educators, parents–telling them there is someone they need to know about if they truly want to understand the problem of bullying and how to deal with it effectively!

Please, help my ten years of effort finally pay off. Let’s put an end to the craziness of the counterproductive war against bullies that is hurting children, schools, and our pocketbooks. The following is a list of links and email addresses of important producers and editors. With a click of the mouse, you can send them an email, and you can send the same letter to as many sources as you like. Please don’t limit yourself to the ones below. If you have any media venues you like, please send off your email to them, too. Thanks to the Internet, you can quickly get the contact information of any media source in a matter of seconds. I have never requested your help as ardently as I am now.

Best Wishes,
Israel (Izzy) Kalman


Oprah Winfrey: https://www.oprah.com/ord/plugform.jsp?plugId=216
Dr. Phil : https://www.oprah.com/ord/plugform.jsp?plugId=216
Tyra Banks: tyrabanks@studiofanmail.com
The New York Times: news-tips@nytimes.com
The Washington Post: health@washpost.com
Psychology Today: jay@psychologytoday.com
Montel Williams: info@montelmedia.com�

2 Responses to “Bullying Prevention Awareness Week”

  1. Miriam Kalman Says:

    the name of the article author is Israel “Izzy” C. Kalman
    Thanks you,
    Miriam Kalman


  2. diddly Says:

    fixed it – thanks Miriam


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