Political Brain Fry

I added a liberal blog to my blogroll.  www.alternet.org

Pro-Obama  – obviously.  Lots of focus on Palin when I  checked recently.

Read an article or two there. Then go to  http://themachoresponse.blogspot.com

I dare you.

Your head will spin – both ways.

But you have to read some material from both for it to work.


3 Responses to “Political Brain Fry”

  1. Becky Says:

    I think both sides tend to ‘horriblize’ the other. I do admit that ‘the macho response’ makes me roll my eyes and mutter ‘give me a break’ moreso than ‘alternet’ does. I don’t think Obama is perfect and I don’t think McCain is a demon. They are both decent human beings who disagree about the usual things democrats and republicans disagree about. I also do not think either of them would be able to go perform miracles in the White House. I happen to side with the democratic platform on the basic issues though I’m sure McCain has championed legislation that I would agree with. Neither party has all the answers. I feel like there are more corrupted people and extremists in the republican party. I feel personally defensive because they tend to take issues like women’s rights and funding education or children’s healthcare and cast them aside as unimportant. They feel they have the right to impose what they call their ‘moral’ values on the rest of the country when what they are really doing is imposing their religious beliefs. They try to bring government into decisions that should have nothing to do with government (like gay marriage and abortion). They are intolerant of anything that is not like them and tend to see it as a threat.
    Many people are so sickened by the president and who he has surrounded himself with these past 8 years that they just want someone they can be sure will make some changes but will also be receptive to ideas from both parties. I see that as more likely with Barack Obama as president. McCain may have some ‘maverick’ ideas and side against his own party but he is a fight starter and would cause more division I think on both sides of the aisle.

    Whatever, this all gives me a headache.
    This kind of thing always makes me think of a quote that I thought came from Grandpa(on Dad’s side). ‘Nothing is ever as good as it seems or as bad as it seems’.
    We’re all gonna be ‘ok’, we really are.


  2. diddly Says:

    In part my transition to McCain was born of my realization that minds that are too open can be as dangerous as minds that are too closed.

    Altnet is more polished than Machoresponse, and also a nonforprofit. But you seemed to see beyond the appearances. i liked the alnet article promoting a possible new use for LSD. Let go people – the 60’s are over.

    The cult stuff on machoresponse isn’t as far fetched as you might think. Social conservatives tend to get their needs for belonging from church, for better or worse. In times like these liberals often join political movements and develop a religious fervor about it.

    Look at the demise of John Edwards. That woman he had the affair with was all caught up in New Age nonsense.

    Oprah is the queen of New Age nonsense. ie the Secret

    I saw Ted Koppel on the Charlie Rose show in tears today talking about the possibility of an Obama victory and how much it would be such a perfect ending to all the struggles for civil rights. It will rehab our reputation in the world, etc etc

    It is hard to not to get caught up in that emotion, and no surprise that Black leaders are saying that Republicans are using ‘racist code’. What? THEY are imposing moral values. Dissent is racism for them. How dare McCain supporters express anger.

    What scares you more in terms of public reaction – A McCain victory or an Obama victory? The rage that we will see if McCain wins will speak to this cult mindedness of many Obama supporters. It is the attitude of many Obama supporters that the country owes them this election.

    If Obama wins, I will be afraid of a few racist nut jobs, but I don’t think it will have the mass rageful reaction that a McCain victory would.


  3. Reena Says:

    “We’re all gonna be ‘ok’, we really are.”

    I agree with Becky.

    Fundamentally, I think the bigger influence on our economic come back is will primarily depend on how the Federal Reserve responds to this crisis and how its cohorts in the other major countries also respond.

    What really makes me uneasy is that this all suppose to be separate from the political arena and now that Federal dollars are being used to help solve the crisis– where does that leave us?

    I don’t give a hoot who the President is– I don’t want anyone with a political agenda to have a major influence on decisions regarding the country’s money supply. It will make it too easy to manipulate the greater citizenry into thinking things are going better or worse than what is truly the case.

    What the heck ever happened to the role of the International Monetary Fund in providing oversight and recomendations to the member countries regarding thier monetary policy versus their current role of basically providing aid to developing countries.

    Not to diminish the imporance of the latter, but perhaps if the US and other major countries had some input from an organization looking at the monetary policies of individual countries as well as the global effect– some of the current global crises could have been deterred.


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