I just keep tryin’


My most recent post on Obama taking on the bullies had some commentary about the victim mentality and how Obama lets it cloud his judgement. Being in a war is perpetually tragic, as is watching our economy tank, but we got ourselves here. We are 100% responsible for our predicaments. We need to try and do the right and ethical thing on all these fronts, not the thing that rehabilitates our image and self-confidence.  Obama falls in the latter camp, in my opinion, and that makes his presidential candidacy dangerous. It locks his focus into short term expedience.

 Yet I am more like Obama than McCain in many ways.  I am a social liberal on many issues, such as reproductive rights and gay marraige.

So I am not real worried about making anyone feel comfortable here in the ‘Politics’ category. I am not comfortable here, why should you be!?

Other categories are available on the blog besides ‘Politics’, by the way. More comfy categories.  I need to take breaks from this rough stuff too, so I write on other topics.


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