George Soros’ cynical silence

I saw the famous financier George Soros in a Bill Moyer’s interview this weekend. I also saw him as an expert commentator on NBC news Friday night. He is a brilliant guy,  but  he should be ashamed of himself.  We needed him to rise above politics before it was time to sell a book, and he didn’t.

How do you think  Soros, the prime benefactor of,  could manage to have a 208 page book with the following title out in May 2008?

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What it Means 

Don’t you think he could have influenced some Democrats in Congress since 2006? Perhaps he could have gotten some more of them to sign that Fannie Mae warning letter I cite in my last post. But that might have helped George W Bush not seem like a Nazi


In the Moyers interview,  Soros actually recommended things that McCain has been saying. Slow foreclosures with US government direct action immediately. He pointed out some serious problems with Sec of the Treasury Paulson. McCain wanted to fire Paulson right off.

But I think Soros wants his 47 million dollar donation to to pay off more than he wants to speak truth to power.

Now he tries to come off as objective, now that he feels he has done all he can to set up a Democrat for the Presidency by staying silent until when it was convenient for his agenda.

I blame people like Soros with all varieties of political leanings for not getting good and loud and embarassing the Congress into acting. But Soros makes me particularly angry because he is acting as if he is so far above politics on these news programs.


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