What’s your F – Index?

Psychologists actually did a study where they asked couples to track the number of fights they had in a month, and the number of times they fornicated. They found that the higher the F-Index, the happier the marraige.

So 10 fights and 12 fornication events gives you +2

4 fights and 2 fornication events gives you -2

So what happens if you start fighting over your F-Index? I suppose if you were the recipient of the complaint about a low index you could start by saying that if the complainer really wants a higher F-Index, they ought to stop fighting about it.

Or what if your sex is pretty rough and seems like a fight at times. Does it count as both?

What if sex was good for one and bad go for the other? Does that count as a fight , or 1/2 a point, or do you just give it another shot and try for double or nothing.


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