How about “Who told the truth?”

Crack EmCee  has some questions for y’all:

so why are the news channels still limiting themselves to that crazy standard? “Who looked better?” How about who told the truth? Barack Obama did say he would take matching funds – he lied. Barack Obama did say he would do 10 town halls “anytime, anywhere” – he lied. Barack Obama denied he was going to fine small businesses over healthcare – he lied. He denied he started his career in Bill Ayers’s home – he lied. Barack Obama made like the founders of the Annenberg Foundation served on a board with he and Bill Ayers – rather than just awarding a grant to “professor” Bill Ayers without knowing who he was – which was a lie. Barack Obama didn’t deny funding ACORN through The Woods Foundation. Are you catching my drift?



2 Responses to “How about “Who told the truth?””

  1. Becky Says:

    This website is crap and so is ‘Crack EmCee’.


  2. diddly Says:

    Be more specific please.


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