Joe the plumber, meet Bill Ayers

What would a meeting between Joe the plumber and Bill Ayers be like?

Would it have more resemblance to a meeting between Ayers and McCain, or Ayers and Obama?

I read one progressive journalist take her fellow liberals to task on this ‘non-issue’. Kate Granju has an interesting take on this:

Now, on to Obama’s association with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn (I STAND CORRECTED BY TWO COMMENTERS – her name is Bernadine, not Bernadette). While I believe that Palin’s characterization that Obama “pals around” with Ayers is strongly overstating the case, I am extremely bothered that Barack Obama has had anything at all to do with this man and his wife. They are leftist terrorists, plain and simple. Allowing them to host a political fundraiser for him in their home showed extremely poor judgment on Obama’s part. Personally, I would not so much as shake their hands.

Much more disturbing than Obama’s minor association with these people is the way Chicago’s well-heeled progressive social-political elite have, over time, completely absolved the pair of their crimes and elevated them to radical chic status. Given the couple’s standing within Chicago’s high-status Democratic political hierarchy, it’s not surprising at all that their paths would have crossed with Obama’s repeatedly. Considering Ayers’ and Dohrn’s positions in Chicago’s lefty academic scene,the fact that Obama has had some casual association with them due to overlapping political/social circles is pretty much to be expected. But it’s still something that I, a progressive voter, find completely distasteful.


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