Obama versus Palin

I got this from TMR (see blogroll). Thomas Sowell’s article appears on www.RealClearPolitics.com

Apparently there is something about Sarah Palin that causes some people to think of her as either the best of candidates or the worst of candidates. She draws enthusiastic crowds and provokes visceral hostility in the media.

The issue that is raised most often is her relative lack of experience and the fact that she would be “a heartbeat away from the presidency” if Senator John McCain were elected. But Barack Obama has even less experience– none in an executive capacity– and his would itself be the heartbeat of the presidency if he were elected.

Sarah Palin’s record is on the record, while whole years of Barack Obama’s life are engulfed in fog, and he has had to explain away one after another of the astounding and vile people he has not merely “associated” with but has had political alliances with, and to whom he has directed the taxpayers’ money and other money.

Sarah Palin has had executive experience– and the White House is the executive branch of government. We don’t have to judge her by her rhetoric because she has a record.

We don’t know what Barack Obama will actually do because he has actually done very little for which he was personally accountable. Even as a state legislator, he voted “present” innumerable times instead of taking a stand one way or the other on tough issues.

“Clean up the mess in Washington”? He was part of the mess in Chicago and lined up with the Daley machine against reformers.

He is also part of the mess in Washington, not only with numerous earmarks, but also as the Senate’s second largest recipient of money from Fannie Mae, and someone whose campaign has this year sought the advice of disgraced former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines, who was at the heart of the subprime crisis.

Why then the enthusiasm for Obama and the hostility to Sarah Palin in the media?

One reason of course is that Senator Obama is ideologically much closer to the views of the media than is Governor Palin. But there is more than that. There are other conservative politicians who do not evoke such anger, spite and hate.

Sarah Palin is the one real outsider among the four candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency on the Republican and Democratic tickets. Her whole career has been spent outside the Washington Beltway.

More than that, her whole life has been outside the realm familiar to the intelligentsia of the media. She didn’t go to the big-name colleges and imbibe the heady atmosphere that leaves so many feeling that they are special folks. She doesn’t talk the way they talk or think the way they think.

Worse yet, from the media’s perspective, Sarah Palin does not seek their Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Much is made of Senator Joe Biden’s “experience.” But Frederick the Great said that experience matters only when valid conclusions are drawn from it.

Senator Biden’s “experience” has been a long history of being on the wrong side of issue after issue in foreign policy. He was one of those Senators who voted to pull the plug on financial aid to South Vietnam, which was still defending itself from Communist invaders after the pullout of American troops.

Biden opposed Ronald Reagan’s military buildup that helped win the Cold War. He opposed the surge in Iraq last year.

Sarah Palin will not be ready to become President of the United States on the first day that she and John McCain take office. Nobody is.

But being Vice President is a job that can allow a lot of time for studying, and everything about Governor Palin’s career says that she is a bright gal with her head on straight. The country needs that far more than it needs people with glib answers to media “gotcha” questions.

Whatever the shortcomings of John McCain and Sarah Palin, they are people whose values are the values of this nation, whose loyalty and dedication to this country’s fundamental institutions are beyond question because they have not spent decades working with people who hate America. Nor are they people whose judgments have been proved wrong consistently during decades of Beltway “experience.”


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6 Responses to “Obama versus Palin”

  1. Becky Says:

    Please, please refer me to something that I can read that will convince me that Sarah Palin is able to form her own thoughts. Until she answers a question (yes, a question -not a ‘gotcha question’, what the hell is that?!) about current policies and or current events that has been generated from her own brain then no one can tell me she’s any more qualified than Joe Biden to possibly take over the presidency. She infuriates me on so many levels that I can’t even explain myself without getting all ‘yosemite sam’ about it.
    McCain’s time has come and gone. His party is a friggin mess and he will not be able to fix that if he’s president. Unfortunately he would have to rely on many in his dysfunctional party who would just assume derail his mission even if his promises are genuine.
    Not to mention I just don’t agree with any of his platform.
    By the way, McCain is just as much full of shit as the next politician–twisting the truth to meet his political needs. ‘Straight Talk Express’ my ass.


  2. Reena Says:

    Did I somehow miss all of this on the news? It appears to have come out a little over a week ago.

    How come you didn’t mention it or post about it here– Great Seeker of Truth?



    “’Abuse of Power — Sarah Palin Found to Have Violated Public Trust’

    Use of a Governor’s Power to Pursue a Personal Vendetta
    Though the legalistic language being bandied about doesn’t say it so clearly, what Sarah Palin is being charged with amounts to using the power of her office to pursue a personal vendetta. Her attempts to pressure State employees to fire Wooten and her providing Scott Palin with an unprecedented power to also pursue these ends involved, according to the commission, an unethical, unlawful, and grievous abuse of power.

    The reason this act was unethical and unlawful is simply that the position of State Governor exists to serve the best interest of the people of Alaska. But Sarah Palin took the considerable power of the Governorship and used it, not for public benefit, but for her individual satisfaction. . . “



  3. diddly Says:

    You might also look at it as an misguided attempt by her to poke a whole in the infamous blue wall of silence. Sure she was motivated by the fact that he wacked her sister-in-law around, but that is forgivable.

    I’d like to know more history behind what state cops can get away with in Alaska and remain employed.

    By the way, she did not break any laws. So if she abused her power, it was not a criminal abuse.


  4. diddly Says:

    “How come you didn’t mention it or post about it here– Great Seeker of Truth?”

    She didn’t deny what she did. She cooperated with investigation.

    Obama lies.
    Expect this to continue.


  5. Becky Says:

    She’s corrupt and doesn’t apologize for it or lie about it. So that makes it ok? Give me a break. She needs to prove she’s not vacuous, though I’m not saying she is. She sure does appears that way.
    P.S. everybody lies, including McCain and Palin
    I’m not aware that Obama has lied about anything during his campaign. Both candidates seem to make statements that the other deems ‘not true’. McCain has misrepresented the truth on many occasions ( like when citing Obama’s past votes in the senate), is he lying or just not telling us the whole truth? Who decides which statements are true and to what degree?
    Clinton lied about his relations with an intern and maybe other things, too. He also reduced our nation’s deficit that was racked up by the previous Republicans in office. Bush Jr. then proceeded to double our nation’s debt in the last 8 years. It doesn’t seem to me that the Republicans are so ‘thrifty’ or that the Democrats are so ‘spendy’ after all.


  6. diddly Says:

    Palin certainly abused her authority, for both pettily selfish ($21,000 so she could be with her kids more) and arguably noble ends (getting a bad cop fired). It is not ok. But as far as I know she has not tried to deny it or cover it up, which is not typical of politicians.

    McCain and Obama constantly traded half truths in their debates. McCain was on offense in the last one, so he may have done more of that.

    Obama troubles me because he lacks integrity ( Barack Obama did say he would take matching funds – he didn’t. Barack Obama did say he would do 10 town halls “anytime, anywhere” – he didn’t.); he tries to sidestep and cover his tracks when confronted (Barack Obama denied he was going to fine small businesses over healthcare – he is. He denied he started his political career in Bill Ayers’s home – he did) ; and he simply denies reality ( the surge in Iraq. He not only opposed it. He tried to denigrate it, stop it and, finally, deny its success.)

    As far as judging Bush’s spending compared to Clinton, remember 911. It impacted our defense spending and economy. More spending on defense and less tax revenue were necessary. It probably distracted everyone from the economy – including Dems like Frank and Dodd. Also, Clinton was instrumental it getting the sub prime lending practices started with the Community Reinvestment Act amendments in 1995, which at the very least served as a detonator to this whole economic crisis. People also point to his bad behavior as a huge distraction that caused everyone to take their eye off the ball with Al-Quaida.


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