McCain wins 7th grade mock election

We live in RI, a very liberal state, so I was surprised to hear that my daughter’s class voted for  McCain over Obama – 9 votes to 8. The teacher voted for Obama so if you include her it was a tie. I am not sure of the results for the whole school.

They gave the kids an information sheet on the candidates. I looked at it and it seemed accurately written, though  in the teacher’s edition explaining issues, which I got from the school librarian,  there were 80 lines written expounding Obama’s platform, compared to 67 for McCain.

My daughter thought there were more positive things written about Obama on the info sheet. I asked her if  perhaps it seemed more positive to her because maybe she just liked Obama’s ideas more.

She said, ” I guess I think he promises too much.”

Then she asked me who I was voting for. I thought she knew I was a McCain supporter already.

 Her mother really dislikes Obama, according to G, but doesn’t like McCain enough to vote for him either.


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