You’re my little lovebug ( yes YOU)



I read this book to Josie. It is by Heidi Weimer. She must have been hungry when she wrote it.

 You’re my little lovebug

my cuddly kangaroo

my funny bunny

sweet as honey

all of this is true

you’re my pumpkin wunkin

my peaches and pie

my bread-and-butter

peanut butter

apple of my eye

you’re my wiggly worm

my busy little bee

my silly goose

my moosey-moose

my monkey up a tree

you’re my ice cream Sandwich

my watermelon gum

my soda pop

my lollipop

my yummy yummy yum!

you’re my lovey dovey

my stinker winker bear

my silly willy


alligator stare

you’re my bowl of cherries

my toast with berry jam

my snickerdoodle

chicken noodle

what a little ham!

you’re my tootsie wootsie

my squishy wishy cheeks

my tickle toes

button nose

giggle, squeals and squeaks

you’re everything that’s wonderful

you’re all of the above

but most of all

what you are

is God’s sweetest gift of love.


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