How to be right all the time

First of all, you can’t . Duh.

But you can be right more of the time, if you always fully admit when you are wrong. 

Being right has a lot of benefits.  

You have to actually want to discover you are wrong more than you want to be right.

How do you acknowledge  when  you can’t admit when you are wrong?

Feeling right can be so wrong.

Feeling wrong can be so right.

It’ll make your head spin.


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5 Responses to “How to be right all the time”

  1. JVHCP Says:

    Hey Diddly, where’d you go? “Right” or “wrong”, I’ve grown accustomed to your posts.
    Your mom.


  2. Becky Says:

    I think it is important to remember also that right and wrong can be very obvious and clear cut in some situations (murder, stealing) and not so much in others (taxes and executive powers). With executive powers I refer to the Bush enforced ban on stem cell research and the now defunct Clinton era federal assault weapons ban.
    Speaking of defining right and wrong, have you seen the movie “Gone Baby Gone”? The ending of that drove me nuts. Maybe that just shows that I am morally weak. If you haven’t seen it I recommend it.


  3. diddly Says:

    I was thinking here more in terms of accuracy of one’s perceptions than morality. But my sense is that if you really come to see things as they are, the moral thing to do becomes the obvious thing to do – no heroism necessary.

    I did see that movie. She was so courageous and driven to overcome all obstacles, something very highly valued by Americans. It made her so admirable. Yet she was so stunted in other ways. The fantasy of being reunited with her daughter drove her for so long, and she had a hard time letting it go when it was obviously not best for her child.

    She wanted to MAKE IT RIGHT so badly, that she couldn’t see what was really happening.

    I have been very busy so Diddly has been quiet.


  4. flippyman Says:

    One time I was driving and I turned right but I was wrong. Dammit, and I wanted to go in the right direction and I did and I didn’t, no, wait, that can’t be right. I guess the right thing to do was to go left because that’s all I had left, right?


  5. diddly Says:

    Good demonstration of spinning flippyman:)

    I guess the antidote to spinning is to ask for directions if you have a time constraint.


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