Personal stuff

Reena has been posting some video clips to . Josie turned 2 years old and she sems to get that she is the special one this week, if it is possible for her to be any more fawned over by us.

Acid Reign, my friend Mike’s son’s band,  seems to have broken up. There was some arguing apparently, though my friend’s son wasn’t involved it.  I saw them twice and will miss seeing them again, but I am sure Zach Rego has a lot of great performing to do in the future.

My daughter Gabrielle has been doing this fitness orientatio/class at the YMCA on Saturdays. She says she was able to curl 60 LBS on the machine. I said to her that if that is true, that would make you a freak… a good way.

Xavier is the only Sax player in his 5th grade band. He seems unphased. Talk about pressure. No way to hide.

Reena apparently has been researching RI law in the area of prostitution. She claims it is legal as long as you don’t go to public places. Hmmm. She wondered if she could make some extra money and would I mind? (tongue in cheek for those who don’t know her).

 Nice wife. I told her bull fucking shit NO . Call me John if you want but keep the focus on me.

Have a nice day.


4 Responses to “Personal stuff”

  1. Reena Says:






  2. JVHCP Says:

    You two(Reena and DiddlY, that is) are a trip. Not dull, that’s for sure! Reena, Josie Dong Dong is blessed to have you for a mommie and we’re all blessed that this little girl was born”.


  3. Mike Says:

    Reena is right. If prostitution is not be solicited in public, it cannot be enforced. Acid Reign “claims” not to be broken up, but, you just cannot cancel gigs without repercussions in the club environment.


  4. diddly Says:

    Reena clarified for me. She will not be doing any oral or intercourse, just handing people a masturbatory tool through a slot in a door. They can hand the cash back through the same, preferably before the service is rendered.

    Phew, now I feel relieved.


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