Obama moves to the center

Obama is making some interesting picks for his cabinet, tapping into the experience of the Clinton adminsitration. Ironic that he campaigned for CHANGE, and we are recycling something old. I guess experience does matter. Also, when he said , YES WE CAN, he really meant WE, as he seems ready to pick Hillary for Secretary oF State. If you think you understand this guy, then hats off to you. Still feels like an incredible roll of the diceto me  by a jittery American electorate who was  reassured over and over and over and over about the virtues of Obama by the mainstream media and were finally numbed into submission by the crashing economy.   Some interesting speculation below about who Obama really is below.  http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/conservatives-pleasantly-surprised-by-obamas-rumored-picks/2/


First, it may be that Obama does not care all that much about national security policy and wants to leave it in capable hands while he rushes off to re-enact the domestic New Deal. He will be incurring enough conservative wrath there, so better to leave them pinching themselves with amazed joy on national security policy.

Another theory is that Obama never believed much of anything he was telling the left wingers during the campaign. It was all a carefully devised scheme to capture the nomination. The “cynical” view of Obama’s persona is that he has simply used one ultra-liberal affiliation after another (e.g., Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers’ Annenberg Challenge) to claw his way into power. Now there, he can relax and let his inner, thoroughly conventional and establishment self “loose.”

And yet another explanation is that he is entirely a political creature, devoid of well-thought out policy positions. Clinton was selected to get her out of the Senate. Gates will calm the GOP. Rahm Emanuel will keep a lid on Nancy Pelosi. It is all about power — consolidating it and preventing well-formed opposition.

Whatever your favorite theory, it is safe to say that the emerging Obama administration, at least so far, bears very little resemblance to the Left’s fantasy lineup.


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2 Responses to “Obama moves to the center”

  1. JVHCP Says:

    Well, heaven knows I’m not the politically minded or informed brainiac of the decade, but Obama’s choices are more in line with what I imagined he’d make. The most important thing, obviously, is to surround himself with bright, well informed, wise , courageous people. I guess I’m opting to pray that this proves to be the case and that the doubters and cynics that you quote are’nt as correct as they think. We’d all better pray for that, I’d say!


  2. Becky Says:

    Lord knows what you would be saying if he had gone all ‘lefty’ on us with the cabinet picks. He’s doing exactly what he said during his campaign–surrounding himself with those who will best serve him in helping represent and advocate for the American people, whether they agree with him or not on individual policies. It’s my opinion that you find most intelligent people closer to the ‘center’ than to the extreme left or right. Both sides have valid points on various issues. I think doing the bipatisan thing effectively requires reigning in each side with these centrists.


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