The WORST call by a referee EVER

While I’m on the subject of not taking the time to think things through and rely on common sense, it is fitting to see that even in a situation as black and white as the following sports situation, we need to beware. Last night,

the Portland Trail Blazers accidentally put six men on the court against the Boston Celtics. The sixth man scored a basket. The referees acknowledged that he should not have been allowed on the floor. And then they permitted his basket to stand.

In other words, the officials rewarded a team for the most brazen form of cheating.

 The Celtics lost the game. Portland didn’ t do it on purpose, of course, they were embarrassed by it.

So how did this happen? Those refs must have feared somone more than the consequences of abandoning common sense. That fear seriously clouded their thinking. The NBA is a business after all. We are all aware of managers that don’t encourage or even allow people to think for themselves without being punished for it.

This is what  can happen.


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