The most gullible is the most influential

Oprah Winfrey has been duped again by another memoir hoax. She has been duped a lot over the years, hasn’t she? Remember all the diets she tried.    At best, she is gullible.  So what does that make the many people who continue to put so much stock in what she promotes? Oprah’s genius is her ability to get people to reveal their pain – deep pain. I know, being a therapist, how vulnerable this makes people.  Then she brings people in to save these vulnerable people and all of us who share their troubles. The fact that she gives money to the unfortunate does not absolve her of responsibility for misleading people over and over. You have to wonder if it is intentional since it is so profitable for her and she seems never to lose any credibility from her followers. Dare I say it – cult following?

She’d make less money if she gave up this shtick and started showing some healthy skepticism at all these claims  about ‘the next best thing’ in every walk of life.

I am hoping that with the current disillusionment in our economy after all those promises made that were  far too good to be true, such as the idea that everyone should be able to own a house, that people will take a look at how characters like Oprah can only exist if we continue to abandon our critical thinking faculties.

Abandon Oprah. You can find something better to do at 4:oo PM on weekdays.


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