I found a good liberal blog

I think I found a good liberal blog. Check it out.


I love this line about US entry into the Iraq War:

The American public’s lazy trust revealed a soft inner core allowing belief to replace facts and truth.

At the core of everybody’s rage at Bush should be shame at ourselves. I was for the war. I was lazy and trusting. Anybody else willing to admit that? Hello out there!

Obama wasn’t lazy and trusting, and he used that moment of good judgement as a stirrup to get on that horse to the Whitehouse. And that horse was America’s  self-righteous rage at Bush.

If we can move past this ‘anger’ stage of our grief about the Iraq War, I think we ought to organize a national day of apology to the family’s of dead American soldiers marking our collective lazy gullibility that got us into the war.  Maybe then we can look back at these years and those to whom it applies can see their  Bush Derangement Syndrome for what it was – a way to distract ourselves from our own culpability by hyperfocusing on Bush’s.  

We will be culpable again if we don’t hold Obama to a higher standard than we did Bush right after 9/11. It has the same feel to me – the ‘need’ we have to believe in him because these are scary times. Conservatives needed to demand more of Bush then, and liberals need to demand more of Obama now.

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