Just chalkin’

You’ve probably chalked, just didn’t know it.

I didn’t either, until Reena asked me at 2:30 am after I came back in our room after going to the bathroom, and she asked me if I wanted to chalk. It is somewhere between talk and chat.

So we chalked.

R: It is so cold. I want to go to the Bahamas. Where do you want to go?

W: I just want to be able to take a crap ( I was constipated)

R: I guess that would feel warm too. I guess. Why don’t you have some plum juice?

W: I think you mean prune juice.

R: Aren’t prunes dried plums?

W: I think they are.

R: So there you go.

W: I’ll never find plum juice at the supermarket.

R: Well, they should make it. It is juicier.

W:  Why are we talking about this?

R: I just wanted to go to the Bahamas.


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