Many of Bush’s policies will not be discarded by Obama

We will be well served by many of Bush’s bold policies for years to come. We take for granted that we have not had a terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. This was his stated mission after 9/11, and he accomplished it. You can’t take that away from him. His boldness also had its downside. Look before you leap is as true as he who hesitates is lost.  Many think that more people hate America now, and that is what makes us unsafe. They also said that about Israel when it finally responded to daily rocket attacks from Gaza. I hope we learn lessons about what makes people feel the need to attack us, and remedy those problems if we can, but I do not believe one of those lessons is to be passive in the face of attack. Bush got that – at least. He leaves Obama the tools he needs to continue doing his primary job as President – keep Americans safe.

    From the Wall Street Journal a few days ago. :

After the Clinton decade in which al Qaeda and proliferation went unchallenged, the Bush Presidency had to scramble to defend against a terror threat that with WMD could kill millions of Americans. His decision to fight this as a “war,” and to marshal the means attendant to war, has been controversial and expensive. But like Harry Truman’s decisions at the onset of the Cold War, we suspect more of his policy will survive than his many critics now admit.

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