Diddly’s torture policy

Hi friends,

I just want to be clear. If anyone is planning to hurt anyone I care about, or kidnaps them or something, and you are likely  to have information that will help me get my loved one to safety – I will torture you to get that information when other methods fail.

And I invite you to torture me under the same circumstances. I’ll forgive you if you were wrong about me having info.

I hope you will forgive me if I I was wrong about you.

But the forgiveness is beside  the point I want to make here..

I will torture you.

Maybe someday I can be as wonderful as Obama, and never be able to imagine  a situation where I would torture someone.

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One Response to “Diddly’s torture policy”

  1. Reena Says:

    Sweetie-pie, I am very happy that you want to protect me and our family. I feel the same way, but when it comes to military policy I really don’t believe that torture will get us where we want to be as a country.

    Many seasoned military personell have stated that torture is not necessary to obtain information desired nor is it effective. Under torture, a person will tell you what they need to in order for you to stop– the ifnormation provided may not be valid.

    This may result in a wild goose chase that detracts resources away from obtaining valid information.

    From a 2005 article in the Washington Post–the link to the full article is below.

    “. . . Army Col. Stuart Herrington, a military intelligence specialist who conducted interrogations in Vietnam, Panama and Iraq during Desert Storm, and who was sent by the Pentagon in 2003 — long before Abu Ghraib — to assess interrogations in Iraq. Aside from its immorality and its illegality, says Herrington, torture is simply “not a good way to get information.” In his experience, nine out of 10 people can be persuaded to talk with no “stress methods” at all, let alone cruel and unusual ones. Asked whether that would be true of religiously motivated fanatics, he says that the “batting average” might be lower: “perhaps six out of ten.” And if you beat up the remaining four? “They’ll just tell you anything to get you to stop.”


    Violent actions we have witnessed by extremist in other countries go beyond barbaric– do we really want to follow suit? Where do you draw the line? Just before or after beheading people?

    Torture is a scary road.


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