International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Try to remember:

*a very, very popular leader

*clear human targets of blame for their problems with a strong sense of national humilation

*past miltary dominance

*unwillingness to respect dissent or disagreement

*preoccupation with the unfairness of the decisions of past administrations – bitterness

*preoccupation with their reputation in the world

*a tanking economy

*massive spending on infrastructure

*troops in combat on several foreign fronts

*a commitment to change

*an inability or unwillingness to question themselves

* very intelligent respectable people loved this leader

*they loved their children and wanted a better future

Never forget


5 Responses to “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. Becky Says:

    *unwillingness to respect dissent or disagreement

    *preoccupation with the unfairness of the decisions of past administrations – bitterness

    *an inability or unwillingness to question themselves

    I disagree with these statements a far as them applying to our country at this particular time in history. This is of course assuming that you are trying to make the comparison of Hitler’s Germany to the current USA. Maybe you are not and I am making myself look stupid. If not, then I suggest that the ‘people’ are not preoccupied with the problrms of the past administration. The media sure is, but I think people are ready to turn the page on Bush. Obama does not seem interested in prosecuting anyone for war crimes that may have been committed by his administration.


  2. Reena Says:

    Hey Becky,

    I got the same impression from the post– but I have to live with him. I will add:

    *clear human targets of blame for their problems with a strong sense of national humilation

    I don’t think we do have CLEAR human targets– that is part of the problem. Terrorist hide and blend in easily with society– just like Timothy McVey.

    Quite frankly, the terrorists likely couldn’t have done more damage to our country than our banks and mortgage companies have already done.

    *troops in combat on several foreign fronts

    I believe the plan is to reduce the number of troops in combat– not increase them– whether one believes this is a prudent decision or not– the plan is for reduction.


  3. William Says:

    When I learned that it was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I started to reflect on our duty not only to never forget, but to never repeat.

    I thought it might be good to take a second look at some aspects of the current American approach and just be sure that we aren’t getting caught up in cultish thinking which preceded the holocaust.

    In terms of clear targets to blame for our national humiliation – I was actually thinking of Bush and supporters of his mindset, not the terrorists.

    Obama stooping to comment on Rush Limbaugh, a huge political blunder by any standard, suggests that he may be a bit fixated on the ones he blames and intolerant of their different views. This would not be so troublesome to me if he didn’t preach bipartisanship and ‘putting away childish things’.

    The point is – really bad things could happen in our country like they did in Germany. Our need to feel good about ourselves again could put us at risk of not letting ourselves entertain doubts and be outspoken about them.

    The comparison between 2009 America and 1930’s Germany has a lot of holes, but I wish it had more.


  4. Reena Says:

    “really bad things could happen in our country like they did in Germany.”

    Now you’ve moved on from being the angry white man to being the scared white man?

    We are closing Guatanamo Bay (sp) where torture was reportedly taking place. I believe YOU commented about this in your last post and stated that you would torture people who threatened your family.

    I appreciate your point that we should never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust and should always be on the look-out. I agree.

    What do you think/fear is going to happen?

    What segment of society do you think/fear we are going to line up and send to the gas chamber in an assembly line fashion?

    Really, if something of this nature was going to happen I think the target would be CEOs of our major financial institutions and we would already see signs of it.

    Instead, these folks are getting performance bonuses largely bank rolled by our tax dollars.

    Times are bad right now, but I don’t think they are any worse than in the Great Depression and we didn’t turn into Germany 1930s then and our country was more homogenous then– it would have been easier for a majority group or minority-majority group to target another specific group.

    USA 2009 is very multi-cultural— I think you would be hard pressed to get a large enough group with the exact same interests to band together against another group Nazi style.

    There are a lot of holes– great big gaping holes.


  5. William Says:


    You keep bringing up my race as somehow being linked to my emotional problems – wtf

    It may not start with Nazi style efficiency, but culture wars can put everyone at risk. One group may rise to the top and start getting ‘efficient’ at marginalizing others. Or maybe no one will win and it’ll just be chaos. We’ll all be indoctrinated into our little comfortable interest groups and sink together and be made more vulnerable to outside attacks.

    If we become another debtor nation as a result of this ‘package’ and the dollar crashes, different groups are going to try to hold on tighter to what they have, and blame others for their problems more aggressively.

    We have seen horrific bloodshed on our soil before. I am not sure a Lincoln type character is going to be available if it threatens again.


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