What? a current national tragedy? no Obama? did we miss something?

The http://anchoressonline.com thinks so. A few days ago, Americans were freezing and dying in the ice storm over a bunch of ‘red states’, almost 50 dead so far . Were you aware?  Were the feds aware? wtf 

 I must be a conspiracy theorist nutjob for thinking that media bias and the inauguration hangover is adding to human suffering. Especially in light of my holocaust post. Lets forget that, ok? Let’s not be critical. We have to BELIEVE in Obama. We HAVE to. We just HAVE to. No time for deadly ice storms in this historic time.

Read the anchoress:


But still, why isn’t the president down there, hugging people? Why was he schmoozing congress with steak dinners* while people were suffering? Why is this going on for almost a week without the president going in there and fixing everything? It’s been way more than 100 hours! Where is Obama? Why does the government not show us what is really going on? Where are the pictures of stranded people? We want to see the pictures! People have died! Show us the bodies!

Hey, I’ve watched the professionals in the mainstream media – I know these are the questions we’re supposed to be asking. They’ll get to them any day, now…any day.

This proves once again that the mainstream media is selective in its coverage, which is driven by its own agenda. What it wants to cover and hype for good or ill gets covered and hyped ad nauseam. And what it does not want to address, gets lost. This is an inconvenient story, with inconvenient victims, so you won’t see the high drama, the probing questions and harsh criticism we’ve seen before.

The press completely controls the conversation of the country, and the direction of each narrative. At least until the “Fairness Doctrine” puts that control more completely into the government’s hands.

The problem is, when the press ignores a story like this, not only are they betraying a credibility-destroying double standard, they’re also keeping other Americans from learning about the situation and offering help – as Americans always do. Booooo, press. Boooooo!


One Response to “What? a current national tragedy? no Obama? did we miss something?”

  1. Reena Says:

    The press in the US is largely biased and simply– sucks. That why most of my friends from Grad school are more likely to listen to the BBC– not perfect but better than US according to many of them.

    This situation is horrible! Rack-up another F-Up on the part of FEMA. here is what I found:


    “FEMA spokeswoman Mary Hudak said some agency workers had begun working Friday in Kentucky and more help was on the way. . . .

    “We have plenty of folks ready to go, but there are some limitations with roads closed and icy conditions,” she noted.”

    Umm, aren’t these the types of conditions– thsoe with limitations that FEMA is suppose to be working on? WTF? If our own Emergency system can’t handle icy conditions to get where they need to go to help people during an emergency, then perhaps we need to get rid of them and start a new Federal emergency system– one that is actually capable.

    Not only does FEMA need a new Director– it needs a new spokesperson!


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