Is there a little Obama in you?

  Look at this:

Don’t miss Spike Lee’s comments just below the photo either.

 This may seem silly and simple recreational activity to many, but it shows that a lot of people are disturbingly  ga ga over Obama. I understand why it seems harmless enough. But I argue that it isn’t harmless, it is dangerous and even obscene. It is not good for our children to see our leading public servant fawned over like this. It does violence to their minds. It creates bias that is nearly hardwired for the very young. It is in part a reaction to folks’ fatigue at hating Bush for so long. It is a relief to feel happy about a leader. Nevertheless, it  is harmful to get our personal emotional needs met in this way. The cult of Obama  is evident EVERYWHERE if you just look, especially in the silence of press when it come time to raise any doubts about his decisions that spawn and inform the debates that sustain democracies.


6 Responses to “Is there a little Obama in you?”

  1. Reena Says:

    Oh for the love of god with your reported Obama “blah blah blah”! The only Obama gushing I hear is your anti-Obama gushing.

    As little news as I am able to watch these days, even I know that many folks with decision-making power aren’t ‘fawning’ all over Obama and it is being reported.

    In case you missed it on the opening page of YAHOO NEWS before logging onto your blog here you go:

    “Obama losing the stimulus message war

    At this crucial juncture in the push to pass an economic recovery package, President Obama finds himself in the most unlikely of places: He is losing the message war.

    Despite Obama’s sky-high personal approval ratings, polls show support has declined for his stimulus bill since Republicans and their conservative talk-radio allies began railing against what they labeled as pork barrel spending within it.

    The sheer size of it — hovering at about $900 billion — has prompted more protests that are now causing some moderate and conservative Democrats to flinch and, worse, hesitate.

    The anxiety over lost momentum seemed almost palpable this week as the president in television interviews voiced frustration with his White House’s progress and the way his recovery program was being demonized as a Democratic spending frenzy.”

    For the rest:


  2. Reena Says:

    The road to economic recovery is going to be a long hard ride to endure. I don’t think any of our elected Congress people are going to simply sign-off on policies costing billions to trillions of dollars to their constituents. Obama and his plans, as well as any and all counter plans and re-workings are going to be scruinized– As Well They Should Be.

    I’m not hearing reports of elected decision-makers blindly following Obama. I’m hearing the opposite. The last thing folks want is for our economy to become an even bigger mess than it alreay is.

    There are NO QUICK FIXES!

    I predict that things will get worse before they get better– I think most of our elected officials also realize this. The big question is, how to lessen what is happening and start to turn it around. That is where the focus needs to be.


  3. Reena Says:

    And yes, many of teh quotes on the site to which you provide a link is definitely over the top!

    We both know you can find freak-o’s everywhere.

    This does not mean that the entire country is going to be taken over by Obama pod-people.

    Especially not with Diddley on watch!


  4. William Says:

    Give Obama a break!


  5. William Says:

    Give the press a break!


  6. Reena Says:

    The world is the witness– you read it here . . .

    Diddley says to, “Give Obama a break!”


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