Maya Angelou – pre and post Obama case study

Maya Angelou provides an interesting example of the different ways people allow themselves to think in the post  Obama era in contrast with the pre Obama era.

Let me start by sharing a classic Maya Angelou quote from an Oprah show:

“When people show you who they are the first time, BELIEVE them.”

Ok Maya, the FIRST time, you endorsed Hilary Clinton.

I  believe that reveals what you really think of Obama over your more recent praise of Obama.   

Back in the day,   Maya was able to just be an ordinary person with an opinion –  the pre-Obama period. Now she dare not fail to praise him in the post Obama period.  From the LA Times, Maya tries to explain her support for Obama.

Asked Smith: “Why this man?”

She replied:

Because he’s intelligent, Harry. I don’t mean intellectually clever. I mean intelligent. I mean what used to be called a mother wit. He has common sense, which is, I’m sorry to say, most uncommon. Because he knows that together….

…we can be somebody. You see?

What I see is a barely concealed longing for Hillary. ‘ Mother wit’ – really? You can credit Obama with whatever you want but attributing maternal wisdom to him is a stretch. For Maya Angelou, it stretches back to her pre Obama thinking. And the notion that ‘together we can be something’ is just vague enough to be capable of offering  a chance at  meaning to everyone and no one in particular.  Some of us, of course, will be ‘more together’ than others. Meanwhile, we are urged to be patient with Obama while HE tries to get it together. He says one day that he stands solidly behind Tim Daschle and within 24 hours says ‘he screwed up’.  Which is it? Who is this guy really?

Do we believe what he said ‘the first time’ about Daschle even though he had full knowledge of his deliquency on his taxes? That is  Maya’s rule after all, which happens to clarify  and focus my mind just enough to help me be not so surprised and bewildered by the ensuing  wild ride this guy will be taking us on.

But that’s just me. The rest of you can just be patient.  Like this guy. He wants you to give Obama a break.

  • ‘Give Obama a break’
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