Intellectual sophistication versus reality in the war on terror


 From .  The prevailing wisdom among many who voted for ‘change’ in November “…is to stop all these abuses, and terrorism will disappear. Yet history doesn’t support this view. Historically the greatest slaughterer of Muslims has been Russia, most recently in Chechnya, where by some estimates a 100,000 people were killed, torture and collective punishment freely employed, and the capital Grozny shelled into rubble. That’s how Russia solved its jihad problem. But that hasn’t kept Iran’s lunatic president Ahmadinejad from cheerily posing for the cameras alongside Vladimir Putin. But more important, you never hear criticism of Russia from most Muslim countries, for the simple reason that Russia doesn’t care what anyone thinks about its pursuit of its interests. Only we Westerners, so sensitive and guilty, are vulnerable to that sort of emotional blackmail.
This idea that criticizing your own culture and values is a sign of intellectual sophistication has many roots.

How does this intellectual sophistication play itself out? It provides a temporary increase in self-esteem that results in us taking our eye off the ball when it comes to threats and business opportunities. We ought to build business relationships with Muslim nations who are interested, tolerate those who are disinterested, and kill those who want to kill us. That’s as sophisticated as it needs to get. Russia supports Iran’s nuclear weapons because they want to make money with the Iranians in the nuclear industry.  Now Iranian leaders don’t want to kill Russians. They want to kill us. I bet they still want to kill Russians deep in their heart, but the fact that business interests trump inter-Moslem loyalty is a point worth consideration. We can strike business deals with Muslim nations that help us both. We can also keep a closer eye on them by doing so.  And if they try to harm us, we’ll have better intelligence to use to defend ourselves.

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