Sniffing out the pork Obama denies in the 1500 page bill

Good liberal causes, but not stimulus. These items could have easily gone through a normal budgeting process. From

  • $550 million for a federal fleet of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • $300 million for even more plug-in or “efficient” vehicles
  • $300 million for “smart appliances”
  • $13.9 billion for the Clean Energy Finance Authority (a lending mechanism for green energy projects)
  • $8 billion for “high-speed rail grants” to states, which apparently includes Reid’s Vegas project
  • $21.44 billion for “environmental” issues, none of which appears to have job creation in mind, including:
  • Lead Paint Abatement ($100 million)
  • EPA State revolving funds ($6 billion)
  • USDA water loans and grants ($1.38 billion)
  • DOE environmental management ($6 billion)
  • $15 billion to “increase and protect affordable housing
  • $7.2 billion for expanding broadband coverage
  • $15 billion for new Pell Grant funding
  • $44 billion for education block grants
  • $4.6 billion for “early childhood” programs
  • $1.1 billion for “comparative effectiveness research”

Hot Air readers will note that the last item refers to the health-care mandates for approval on treatment by all American physicians. 


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