The weak horse – a hypoaroused foreign policy?

Today A few days ago, in an apparently a clearly unrelated incident, and American UN worker was kidnapped in Pakistan!

The kidnappers of an American U.N. workers seized in Pakistan have threatened to kill him within 72 hours unless more than 100 prisoners are released.

The threat was contained in a letter delivered with a grainy video of the hostage, John Solecki, to a Pakistani news agency on Friday. Solecki appears blindfolded in the short clip and appeals to the world body to act quickly to secure his release.

This kidnapping may be unrelated to Feinstein’s idiocy, but the truth is her thoughtless slip will give cover and “justification” to people who will take any excuse they can to wreck havoc and mayhem.

Echoes of Carter are getting louder and they’re not reassuring. Obama has shown the weak horse, and all of the terrorists have seen it.

The “weak horse” you may remember, was what Osama bin Laden saw in America, when she did not respond to repeated provocations from Al Qaeda, from 1993 to 2000. The “weak horse” inspired 9/11.

The weak horse says we won’t try terrorists militarily and we will remain dependent on Middle Eastern Oil, too. The weak horse says, we’ll distort history if you will only love us.

As of last weekend, Obama had already covered Jimmy Carter’s Malaise.

Now, on a much more serious note, we’re moving into American Hostages being taken by Muslim extremists.


Above from one of my very favorite bloggers – 

If Bush was hyperaroused in his effort to defend the nation, Obama seems hypoaroused. I am hoping Obama can get himself  emotionally keyed up just enough to be effective with the bad guys.  I am praying.  

Carter – hypoaroused

Clinton – he was aroused alright

Bush Sr. – Panama invasion – hyperaroused for sure –

               in Iraq:  started strong and finished weak

Reagan – got it right as the Iron Curtain fell soon after but the Iran/Contra thing was a  bit like an STD


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