What toddlers have to teach us

 We actually have a lot to learn from toddlers. Think of how much a toddler is learning on an hourly basis. They far exceed adults or even older children in their relative learning rate.  They are very decisive, and they know instinctively that no is the safest answer and the best answer for enhancing the learning that they must do to survive and develop.

Adults should also start with no as their default position.   No is the safest decision, unless someone says something like, ” give me all your money or I’ll shoot”. Fortunately, those situations don’t happen that often. Otherwise, if you are thinking about things and feeling some inertia or worry or anger, try making a proposal to yourself and telling yourself yes or no. Any doubt at all and you should tell yourself no. You’ll be amazed at the freedom that it gives you, not to avoid the proposition and problem , but to make a decision , in this case no , which allows your brain to settle and see more clearly the obstacles it faces. It is better to tell yourself no multiple times, face the obstacles, and get to a solid yes, than it is to get to yes to quickly. We get to yes too  quickly all the time . We should try getting to no quickly and often when trying to make progress and enjoy the benefits of the safest decisive thinking style available to human beings.

See my post from a few days ago  for a personal example of todder thinking. It come at the end



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