Obama’s dangerous and farcical transcendence

Below I posted excerpts of a  piece below  by Victor Davis Hanson from the http://nationalreview.com

  It really expresses very well what i have been suspecting about Obama all along and now feel has been confirmed in the last 30 days. I do not take issue with any one of his ideas in particular, and many of them may be improvements of  a sort. But overall I think he is a dangerous person to have for a leader.  Why? He really strikes me as a very black and white, all or nothing kind of thinker in  a gray disguise. He sees the world in shades of gray, as a moral relativist,  yet he believes it is a clearly superior manner of thinking. So he  cuts out the black and white extremes from his view. For Obama, the gray middle is the wise choice for focus, and the black and white extremes are foolish and may not even  really exist.      For Obama, the gray IS the pinnacle of human achievement and we all need to succumb to gray living for the greater good. For Obama, we ought to all be unified  in our grayness – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and he is our patron saint of this grayness. Yet  Obama is made slippery by his grayness. It makes him appear so humble and reasonable but it really  is a hidden  pedastle that puts him out of reach of criticism and valuable debate. He snubs the debate, calls himself the real bipartisan, and pushes forward his big gray mess of policy.  

Bush actually saw  the black and white extremes in the world,  and he   just kept  pushing to the lighter side as best he could, however imperfectly.   For Bush, the gray is a necessary place to work in, but we ought to strive for the light.    Bush saw us as  sadly divided into some of us moving toward the light as best they can, and others of us who refused to try to move away from the dark side.  Bush took it on the chops. He wasn’t even a little bit slippery. He was either right or he was wrong. You loved him or hated him. Bush seemed to understand that, and he was gracious to his critics.

Obama doesn’t respect us enough to give us the option to pin right or wrong on him.

Hanson calls it The Audacity of Irony:

We have seen irony before, when the moralist Jimmy Carter chastised us with sermons about our paranoid, inordinate fear of Communism and our amoral unconcern with human rights, even as the dividends of his policies were the Soviets in Afghanistan and the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran — and even greater global misery than before.

There were many legitimate critiques of the Iraq war. But insisting, as Barack Obama did, that we invaded recklessly and in haste was not one of them. From the fall of the Taliban in December 2001 to the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the Bush administration deliberately and in public fashion sought debate in the Congress for over a year, received bipartisan authorization, and tried for months to win sanction from the United Nations.

In contrast, Barack Obama immediately upon entering office demanded the largest government expansion in the history of the nation. The staggering debt program will require nearly a trillion dollars in borrowing to fund all sorts of entitlements and redistributive efforts, and in revolutionary fashion redefine the role of government itself. Obama pronounced the current economic crisis the moral equivalent of war, and he wanted a national mobilization to meet it — pronto.

But unlike the Bush administration, which took 15 months to prepare the country for a real war in Iraq, the Obama administration gave the public only a few hours to read the final draft of the legislation before it was made into law. Where the polarizing partisan George Bush managed to obtain the vote of majorities in both parties to remove Saddam Hussein, the healing bipartisan Barack Obama lacked the support of even a single Republican in the House and won over a mere three Republicans in the Senate.

Liberals who once screamed that congressional opponents of the Iraq war were being unfairly tagged as unpatriotic by the Bush administration now yelled louder that the opponents of the Obama debt program were, in fact, unpatriotic.

Bush was pilloried for supposedly hyping al-Qaeda in order to create a security state. Obama trumped that by proclaiming that the present recession is a catastrophe, a disaster, a Great Depression. He ceased his scare-mongering only when he had exhausted the vocabulary of doom. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” bragged Rahm Emanuel, reminding us that the envisioned Obama socialism could take root only if a climate of fear was created.

The truth is that Americans don’t take well to self-appointed holy men like Woodrow Wilson or Jimmy Carter. Yes, we’ve had our rare saints, but they were reluctant moralists like Washington and Lincoln, who were recognized as such only after they had saved the nation and stoically endured slander by enemies in war and at home.

Obama can end his irony only when he accepts that he and his supporters were never saints, and his predecessor not a notable sinner, and then accepts that history will judge him on what he does rather than what he says he might do.


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