Obama Rivals Bush at Sounding Stupid

(Associated Press article excerpts below in italics after my rant)

Obama says be wise,  or else!

Obama says don’t be political, or else!

Obama say no personal agendas, or else!

Or else WHAT Obama?

What the hell are you going to do to these prospective evildoers and how are you going to prove they are unwise, political, and personally motivated?

 Are you going to go over their actions line by line like you promised during the campaign but couldn’t possibly have done with this ginormous stimulous package?

 Do you really think you are above politics?

 Do you really think that wise action is always so obvious?

Shit. You are the one in a big fire hurry to give all this money out.

How WISE  was that?

How political was that?

 Bush couldn’t pronounce words and made up a few.

You are just dumb.


 From the Associated Press:

Invoking his own name-and-shame policy, President Barack Obama warned the nation’s mayors on Friday that he will “call them out” if they waste the money from his massive economic stimulus plan.

“If a federal agency proposes a project that will waste that money, I will not hesitate to call them out on it, and put a stop to it,” he said. “I want everyone here to be on notice that if a local government does the same, I will call them out on it, and use the full power of my office and our administration to stop it.” 

“With that comes unprecedented obligations to spend that money wisely, free from politics and free from personal agendas,” he said.

The president did not specify how, exactly, he would call out one of his own agencies or a local government about wasteful projects.


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