Madagascar and the Red Sox

I was watching Madagascar 2 last night. A lemur, who is a king in Madagascar and remains a legend in his own mind despite being cast off in Africa, offers a suggestion to getting water flowing back onto the preserve. He wants to offer a sacrifice to the gods by taking a giraffe and putting it in a lava pit of a volcano. Everyone is very excited about this as finally someone is offering to do something. The animals swoop up the giraffe and excitedly start for the volcano. The lemur king says,

Let’s hurry up before we come to our senses.

In an unrelated radio interview with Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, was asked how he was able to restrain himself when dealing with the toddler-like behavior of former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez. He said he had learned earlier in his career  of a rule that had served him well  in the face of these situations,

it is often best to do nothing, and always better to say nothing.

Just some thoughts for ourselves and our political leaders.


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