America the Gullible



Even if you hate history, you can at least read the following few paragraphs about some very recent history. It ends with a prediction – after scaring the hell out of us a few short months ago, the administration is going to start reassuring us now – just in time for summer! This is working out great!


So…historically, when recessions happen (and it’s part of the cycle of economics), if the free market is allowed to do its thing, most recessions start to back off at about 9-11 months. In 2000-01, we had 8 months of recession, in 1990-91 about 8 months. Counting from September of 2008 – perfect time to get a good panic going for the November elections – we’re talking 8 months, again. But we were in “catastrophic” circumstances just two months ago! Obama was telling the banks he was the only thing standing between them and pitchforks! ACORN was giving people guided tours of AIG-executive communities and stirring up the exec-hate. Obama was telling us that the days of corporate jets flying people to Vegas for industry conventions or perks were over. That was in February; this is May. Would we have come out of the “recession” (and what started it, anyway? I forget, was it the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac sttuf?) without congress passing spending bills that project almost 10 trillion dollars of debt in our future? Since almost no actual “stimulus” money has begun to “stimulate,” anything…I guess perhaps maybe we would have. So, America-the-Gullible has been engaged in some unprecedented political theater, International panic and pageantry, domestic chaos and cajolery, beginning in September of 2008, and rounding out directly after the new president’s first 100 days in office. You know what I think? I think a lot of bunkum got spread around in time to effect an election, and the “crisis” was not allowed to “go to waste.” Now that the President has -in his first hundred days- taken control of the banking industry, the automotive industry, education, the census, possibly property rights and possibly free speech in America, he’s figured out that if he doesn’t take the horses off the track and walk them a bit, he’s going to lose them. So now -while the Obama administration works out the first kinks of nationalized industry- we’re going to be given a little break; we’re going to get good news. We’re going to be reassured. The administration is going to, for a while, stop trying to scare the hell out of us, so that we’ll start spending money again, and regain a sense of normalcy, and a sense of trust.


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