Idea for Israeli and Palestinan problem

 I have a proposal to address the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts.  People in that region who not only respect the other’s culture’s right to exist but are willing to actually uphold and serve the other side should be rewarded with freedom to live wherever they wish.  For example, if an Israeli want to live in the West Bank, he ought to be allowed to do so, as long as he pays taxes to the Palestianian Authority, send his children to Palestianian schools where they  learn Arabic, and young adults do some mandatory civil or military service for the Palestianian Authority. Coversely, a Palestianian would have to pay taxes to the Israeli Government, send his children to Israeli schools where they learn Hebrew, and young adults would have to do some mandatory civil or militart service for the nation of Israel.

It may be that Palestians flood Israel initially, so there may need to be some limits initially to the number of dual citizens allowed, but it might be wise to start. Getting this going wouldn’t require Israel to get along with Hamas or settle the issue of where a Palestian capital is going to be located. It would slow the establishment of Jewish settlements in the West Bank too without prohibiting them.

Freedom isn’t free.


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