Iranian Women and George W Bush

Our former President made this statement while in office.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the women will be leading freedom movements in Iran and elsewhere, and the role of the United States is to provide moral support and other support without undermining their cause.”

No doubt in his mind.

No doubt in my mind that he would have been sure the United States fulfilled its role at this critical time in Iranian history.

And Obama – somehow I think he has doubts and prefers to hedge his bets.  Clever man –  our President.

The women of Iran are perhaps less savvy. Freedom isn’t free, after all, it costs everything.

CNN has done well in covering the Iran crisis, and this morning they have a report on one of the more interesting and promising subplots — the role of women in the protests.  Shoreh Aghdashloo proudly claimed that 40% of the people in the streets were women in a Fox & Friends interview last week, and the infuriating and senseless murder of Neda Agha Soltan has galvanized the movement.  CNN reports that the women have taken an interesting and perhaps calming role in the protests, but the latter hasn’t kept them from becoming targets of the regime.    (from

 Still waiting to hear from the Dixie Chicks and N.O.W.


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