Obama proud of accomplishments in Iraq?




 “Surreal,…the guy who was against the war every step of the way, including the surge, pays tribute to Iraqi independence in the aftermath of Saddam,…fine by me.”

— Allah Pundit, who seems happy – while I can barely keep my food down – listening to all this Hot Air. *And don’t leave out the Democratic Party, the French (I could tell you stories) and anyone else who was against seeing this moment become real. I knew that “war is sacrifice” going in, but this one – surely – took it’s toll, on the battlefield and personally, so I get no pleasure sharing this victory with anyone but George W. Bush, the now-free Iraqi people, and my fellow veterans and patriots. The rest of you pussy crybabies can go suck an egg, because that’s all you’ve been these last eight years: One giant rotten fucking egg. (Crack EmCee)


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