Our family vacation as it was

Photos  available on http://overthemoontohome.blogspot.com

7/17  Uncle Earl arrives – The adults drink a lot and then tackle a big wasp nest attached to our house.

7/18 We all go to Scarborough beach for my bday

7/19 We go to Scarborough again   minus G and X who are with their Mom.

7/20  We all go to 2nd beach in Middletown . We’re lucky and dig up a bunch of quahogs and fry them for dinner. Great Day.

7/21 – Rain day – we go to Dave and Buster’s and Border’s at the mall.

7/22 – Earl and Reena go to Newport and do the Cliff walk. The rest of stay home. Josie doesn’t feel well.

7/23 – We all go to Purgatory Chasm in MA for a short hike. In the evening we go to Uncle Pete’s in Portsmouth to visit with cousin Carly and her daughter Ada who are visiting from Colorado.

7/24 – Rain day. We go to the drive-in  the evening and see the Harry Potter movie.

7/25 – Misquamiqut Beach in Westerly. Very crowded as many of the other beaches are closed.

7/26 – Earl flies home. Xavier gets dropped off at Boy Scout Camp – Yawgoog for a week.  Gabrielle starts soccer camp tomorrow.


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