Adoption story unfolding

An amazing account by a woman blogging about her adoption  of a 7 year old girl in China.  Not long so take a few minutes. She writes very well. The emotions are so raw and this woman just handles it so well, not to mention the obvious strength of her new daughter. I love the part where she is walking downtown in China with Mei Ying and is a little lost and  lonely for some adult English speaking company and just starts to talk to herself. Very real.

I commented on her blog and got a nice response from her via Reena.

Reena, I can’t e-mail back to Wim from his comment that he left.  Please tell him thank you so much for his comment; great advice!  I will look for the book when I get home.  I’m touched that he commented.  I think he’s the first man to do that; other than my husband!
My comment:
My wife sent me the link to your blog. We have a 3yo from China and we will be going soon to get her 2 yo sister (special needs) You write very well and I am honored to be able to read about your experience. SOmetimes the best choices hurt the most.

The part about your daughter saying ‘no’ to the officials really struck me. For future reference for you – a book called “No” by Jim Camp about negotiating at work and home. Keep inviting your daughter to tell you ‘no’ and honor it whenever you possibly can. No better way to keep it real.


Wim Chase
Coventry RI


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