Are you in pain? Too bad

Not very nice, is it? But for many Americans who live with physical pain, it is the essence of the message they usually get from their health care providers. There are medicines that exist to treat pain, but docs are afraid to prescribe becuase they’re afraid of losing their license.  The US government pays close attention to th activity of physicians, and they have reason to be afraid. And as a result, so do you , if you ever face chronic pain .

I wish docs learned that they could cover themselves by sending their pain management patients to therapists like myself. We can help them watch for the signs of addiction, and prevent abuse of pain meds. Addicts aren’t hard to spot if they see the light of day, and coming into a therapists office regularly and talking  for 45 minutes makes it even harder to hide addiction. Usually they don’t show up. Instant red flag for the docs who are putting their licenses on the line. The system can work without so much policing of the medical field.


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