Home alone

Not exactly, I am with Josie tonight. Reena is away on a business trip, some kind of training  in Santa Fe , New Mexico. Gabrielle and Xavier are with their Mom tonight. Josie fell asleep quick. I think I wore her out letting her ride her tricycle a lot this evening. She cried on the phone when her mother called earlier. It was pretty heart renching, but all is calm now.

Today was a bit rough at work. I lost my temper with my secretaries. There is good reason to be frustrated as I don’t get paid it they don’t pay attention to certain details, but it really isn’t there fault. We are in transition to a full staff with two new members. I hope I didn’t freak out the new one that has already arrived! I usually don’t lose it like that and I really do feel bad about it. Oh well, I will repeat my apology tomorrow and just hang in there until the transition is complete.

Josie just woke up briefly. I hope this isn’t a long night.

 I’ll be happy to see Reena on Friday.


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