My teeth are hot

Josie was just explaining why she needed Dad to give her some juice.

Xavier did a car wash for his Boy Scout troop yesterday. He was holding up a sign to attract people to the fundraiser. Most people smiled and/or waved, so he was a little shocked when someone flipped him off. People feel real brave when they are behind a steering wheel. He told the older Scouts and they laughed.

Gabrielle got a nice compliment from her English teacher about her presentation of her summer written assignement. She said it was the best one she EVER heard 🙂

 Reena and I are watching DVD’s of this TV series called Weeds. I think it is in its 5th season now. We finished season 3 last night. It is pretty funny. We don’t smoke pot any more but it is fun too watch people who do.

Reena is working on Clara Rose’s quilt this afternoon. She’s making an apple pie with Josie this morning. They went apple picking at an orchard yesterday.

I have been putting some time into learning guitar – trying to get a minimum of 20 minutes 3 times a week. I end up doing it more often because it is fun and relaxing. I can play songs like Amazing Grace and When the Saints go Marching In.


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