This chili needs to calm down

Reena made some chili on Monday and Josie and I got our own special mild version. It was pretty spicy nonetheless and Joe was very vocal about it saying her tonge was hot. She called it ‘soup’ because to her chile means cold and this was anything but cold. I was egging her on and upsetting Reena because I was acting like it was the hottest chile ever. Then Josie said, “this soup needs to calm down.”


This morning she saw some birds in a parking lot and she said , “those birds not supposed to park there.”

She went all day yesterday without a diaper and had no problems. Only concern, no poop. So she woke this morning  and I slapped a diaper on her.  I have only so much risk tolerance.


4 Responses to “This chili needs to calm down”

  1. Becky Says:

    Love the hilarious ‘Josie statements’! They brighten my day. We have her wearable sippy cup that she left behind at Emily’s birthday party. I also have Reena’s big tupperware thing in the truck for next time we are at the same place together.
    I took the kids to see the jack’olantern trail at Ballard park this weekend. It was really impressive and had hundreds of the pumpkins on display along the woodland trail with tiki torches to help light the way. Emily’s first comment was, “that punkin is screamin’ fire!”. She told the ones with downturned mouths, “it’s ok, punkin, don’t cry”. Nate thoroughly inspected and fully appreciated every single one. So much fun!
    What does Josie want to be for Halloween? Do Gabrielle and Xavier get dressed up?
    Emily wants to be spiderman! Nate will be a fireman.


  2. William Says:

    Josie is going to be an ‘M’ – that is , an M&M. I am not sure about X. He dressed up last year and went out with some friends ( and a parent) in another ‘hood’.
    G was a victim of poor planning last year and stayed home but I think this year will be different.

    By the way, I am on a men’s bball team at the YMCA and we are 2-0, beating younger teams. I had a monster game Sunday – scoring about 20. It was a thrill to be able to get in my groove again.


  3. Bob Says:

    Awesome job on the court Wim!! I just started playing Vball at the Y and am really enjoying it, so i can relate. Not to bragg but I have a killer serve, people run scared when I’m on.


  4. Bob Says:

    sorry, the last post had my e-mail listed incorrectly (Becky’s fault)


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